20070212_ftp.jpg 「YUME, it is dream!」
(YUME means dream in English. by the way)
It is the buzzword which was written by famous Japanese copywriter M.Takashi Nakahata as a joke.
Writing a catch copy is not my field however I do that for every project although nobody asked me to do so.
Not to mention if I am talented or not, I like that a lot.
Well known Japanese copywriter such as M. Shigetoshi Itoi or M. Takashi Nakahata are my heroes!
( It is not exaggeration to say that I started my career by watching their catch copies)
I am as such, have never attracted by French or American catch copy.
Maybe it is not my mother language, I always think that “Couldn’t you work out more?”
So every time I wrote catch copy or the lyrics in French for presentation, I was completely defeated.
“Too complicated!” or “incomprehensible!” That is the opinion I received years and years.
But!!! my catch copy were finally accepted this morning with applause.
“So conceptual!”
Since I can not speak French, my presentation is to show the visual without explicating. It is like a reading a riddle. Then normally one of the client helps me out saying “Takeo might want to say that?” I know it is bit strange but my method often soften the atmosphere of meeting.
「夢、それはドリーム」はコピーライターの仲畑貴志さんが冗談で書かれたコピー。 コピーは私の仕事ではないのですが、仕事の度に、頼まれもしないのに書いてます。 上手下手はさておき(笑)、とても好きな仕事。糸井重里さん、仲畑貴志さんなどに代表される日本のコピーライターは、私にとってはスーパースターとしか言いようがない。(彼らのコピーを見てこの業界に入ったと言っても過言ではない)
でも!パンパカパーン! 今朝のプレゼンで、コピーだけ、文字だけのビジュアルが通りました!!!! 「コンセプチュアルで大好き!」という拍手喝采付き( ゚∀゚ )
私のフランス語のプレゼンは、喋れないので、見せるだけ。 謎解き問答。 そうすると、スタッフの誰かが、TAKEOはこう言ってるんじゃないか?!と、説明してくれるという、変なプレゼンです。 場が和みます。 

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