I’m reserching about video game interface. I found a internet site that collected many screens of 70’s ATATRI.
I love it, and I downloaded all images… I loss many time…
I get minus 30 points.
But I really want create big poster by DOT.
大幅にタイムロス。。。 マイナス30ポイント。。。 

6 thoughts on “アタリ ATARI

  1. Interesting.
    In the music video i have just finish (i will show you when im back in paris) there is part done with old car video game that i have recreate!
    I’d love to know the url of this website.

  2. shiroさん
    このタコいいでしょ。 キャラがいいんですよね、アタリは。

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