アッチュムは奥さん主宰のインターネット書店。 5月5日から18日まで、パリのセレクトショップCULOTTEさんに出店する事になりました。 展示用のカードやら何やらをデザイン中。 
オープニングパーティーは5日 18:00~ 7 Rue Malher 75004 Paris です。

Even if today is day off because of “worker day”, I help my wife(Atchoum) for her work at home.
Aaaaatchoum is an internet bookstore my wife is supervising. From the 5th of may until the 18th, She will have a branch in a select shop in Paris. I’m doing the design of the card for the exhibition and other things.
The opening party is the fifth at 6:00 PM, 7 Rue Malher 75004 Paris. If you have time to come by, please do!
They are quite useful even for some hints for your design! (Takeo)

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