DVDのオーサリングが完成。 スタッフに使い勝手を試してもらうが、予想とは違う反応。 ボタンの位置とか色とかが判りにくいらしく、見てもらいたいコンテンツまで辿り着かないっ(汗)。 インターネット・サイトのインターフェースもそうですが、 人間の動きを上手く誘導していくインターフェースって本当に難しい。。。 結局は判りやすさが一番なのね~。 一体判りやすさって何!(takeo)

The DVD authoring I was trying to do was finally completed.
I asked staffs to try using it but their reaction was not as I expected.
It seems that the position of button or its color are obscure, they could not reach to the contents that I wanted them to see.(oops!!!)
Like the interface of the internet site, it is so difficult to create the user friendly interface which guide well the human movement.
At last, intelligibility is the most important key! wait a minutes. what could the intelligibility be???

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