Hérve Morvan
We had one semi-validation ! YaY ! It’s was vary exciting Okay !
I was able to get Okay as today, There was many noncommittal Okay in few years ago… ‘Okay… but…xxx’ ‘Unnnn.. Okay ?’ ‘It not bat… What do you think ?’ etc. Finally Project failed..
I think that we are carried away by opinion as ‘Greatest common divisor’ because of increase of staffs and and also decline of sensitivity. They didn’t understood what do they want…
The Okay i got today was triumph of sensitivity. We need to keep pure heart.
‘Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering… ‘ (by Yoda)

今日はオーケーを一つもらった。やった~! それはとても爽やかなオーケー。ここ数年、このような明快な回答には巡り合えなかった。思えば、何故か不明瞭な仕事が多い、「オーケーかな?でも、、、」「ううううん オーケー?」「悪くはないけど、皆はどう?」などなど、最後には仕事がなくなるケースも、、多々(困)
「怖れは悲しみを生み、悲しみは怒りになり、怒りは憎しみとなる」(by ヨーダ)

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