10歳の頃からメガネっ子で、現在は、フィリップ・スタルク氏とアラン・ミクリ氏のデザインに落ち着いている。 あの、枝がグニャグニャ曲がるフレーム。

近視は悩みの種ですが、原因は、皮膚の老化と同じで、目のレンズの”張り”が衰えるらしい。最新の治療技術では、レンズの表面だけを剥がして、自然治癒力で、レンズを再生さて張りを取り戻すそうです。 1~2時間で終わるそうですよ。 さて麻酔は、、、、

In the nature of my work, my glasses are often scratched by a camera finder.
And I finally exchanged them.

Since I was 10 years old, I always wear glasses. These few years the glasses I use habitually are design of Philippe Starck and Alain Mikli.
That famous flexible frame.
It is annoying to be nearsighted, it is said that the cause of near sight is fail in “freshness” of eyes’s lenses by aging same as a skin.

With latest treatment, we can revive the lenses only with nature healing by taking off surfaces of the lenses.
The operation takes just 1 or 2 hours. What about anesthesia?
It is a sort of eye lotion. Much better than the injection!

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