I have been converting magazine pages from scanning to text data. I have a 95% of success. I found that serif typos were converted very well than sans-serif. “Serif” is semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. I read some documents of the age when character was carved for lithography. “Serif can stand weathering more one century”. Now Exactly I feel it !
Japanese typo also has same detail. But I think it from brush shape or movement of calligraphy…
Now my assistant Asako is checking 5% error by human eyes…GaramondMincho-tai
目下、ピヴォで働く現役女子大生のAさん(英文学部 修士論文執筆中)が残り5%のエラーを地味に修正中です。

2 thoughts on “The Sence of the Serif セリフの意味と現役女子大生

  1. お疲れさまです!知識を豊富にしてくれるブログで楽しんでいます!
    you are really capable person who can produce a big essay!
    I always wonder how you can make everything around you into something very interesting!!!! GREAT!!!

  2. aikawaさん

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