I was looking for a font for new web page and almost decide to use a font type “Transport”!
This font is like that adds Hervetica to Futura and divides by two.
“URW++” is German font vendor.
They are good at this kind of solid design without Serif (corner decoration). We could say that Germanic? In other words, they make many fonts which do not have
By the way, Serif is not only a decoration!! I read that somewhere in a reference book.
A long time ago the period that man carved the Greek alphabet on rocks, it was possible to protect letters from weathering by putting Serif on the edge.
After all, only the edges were remained by weathering, however we could recognize the letter during 100 years.
I am fascinated by its elegant Serif than the recognition whatever.

In my project, the web site is not going to be a fascinated elegant type so I will do that without Serif.
制作中のウェヴページの為にフォントを探していましたが、Transportという文字にほぼ決定。Hervetica と Futuraを足して2で割ったような感じ。

遠い昔、石にギリシャ文字を彫っていた頃。 文字のエッジにSerifを入れる事によって、石の風化から、文字を守る事ができるらしい。 


5 thoughts on “[:en]German font vendor (URW)++[:ja]ドイツのフォントベンダー (URW)++[:]

  1. OSX10.4 ファイヤーフォックスでも大丈夫みたいですよ〜

  2. saki
    お久しぶり~ 会社で試してみましたが、上記の通り、大丈夫そうです。。。
    というか、saki,マックユーザーなん? かっこよすぎ!

  3. ブラウザ変えて試してみます。今は会社のPCなんで、

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