My assistant T will be maternity leave from tomorrow. It’s 2nd times. She gave birth to a boy and next will be girl ! She is really happy. I feel that is what she won her happiness and success at French society.
At today, She completed new E-commerce site that has superb back office system at the very last minute. Effort and smile are her trademark where respectfully. Thanks and Back to Office soon !

今日も最後のギリギリまで、立派なバックオフィスシステムの付いた新しい Eコマースサイトの完成にがんばった。

2 thoughts on “Back(to)Office バック(トゥー)オフィス

  1. Tさんのいないピヴォは大丈夫なのでしょうか?

  2. Yonyさん、、、そうです。会社ごと産休にしたいです。

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