I had dinner with Mr.Y ,the person of influence in the animation circle, and his party.
These people work for animation industry longer than my whole life.
It become a great opportunity to listen the story of the beginning of animation or Manga.
They repeat to say that in those days, they struggled so much with hungry stomach. They did not have enough budget either but they just created things passionately. They believe that interesting works be created only under the difficult circumstances like they had.
The environment of people involved in the animated cartoon industry of France is
certainly rich in money and the environment.
But it is hard to find something really prominence in those works that are created in good condition.
I can not really say which is good or not, but it seems to me that when we have little bit of obstacle, we make more effort to bring the knowledge to wisdom level.
After the dinner, those who live in France among the group went to the Japanese bar called Ruboa.
I could find another good unknown spot in Paris.

日本アニメ界の重鎮Y氏御一行様とお食事をする。 皆さん、私の人生よりも長~くアニメーションのお仕事をされて来られたような方々です。 漫画やアニメーションの草創期のエピソードをいろいろお聞きするよい機会となりました。
何度かループして話した内容は、「当時は食べることもままならない状況だったし、制作費も無かった。 ただ画が好きでがむしゃらに描いていました。が、そういうギリギリの状況で作るモノにしか面白いものはない」というもの。 確かにフランスのアニメ産業に携わる人々の環境は金銭的、環境的には恵まれているかもしれないが、ぬる~い状況の中で作られていて、突出したアイデアのある作品がないのも否めないですね。
会食後、フランスチームのみで、日本人向け昭和スナックバー ”るーぼあ館”にゆく。 面白いパリの穴場をひとつ発見できた夜。

5 thoughts on “パリの穴場

  1. 環境的に満たされていない、いわば「空白」の部分があるときに、人間の創造性がはたらくと脳科学者の茂木健一郎氏は述べていました。フランス人が日本に比べて長いバカンスをとるのも、この「空白」をつくることなのでしょうね。日本の教育界も空白ばかり。創造の場です。

  2. パリに昭和スナックバーですと!!!!!

  3. the big problem of france TV animation is that the sponsors–big TV chaines have the over all control of everything once they bought it, they want to see every step of the projet and have words on the most small details all the time. it cost the studios lots of money change those details. the result is inaudacious projects. however there are still many talents in animation, it’s the lack of good projects. (and TV series in france are oriented for young audience only, with severe censure; unlike japanese TV series)
    on the contrary there still are lots of good authors’ short films (cause there are CNC and other funds)

  4. ps, I watched satoichi kon’s "paranoia agent" last night, just the generique made me want to cry, why we can’t do it here?? there are so many other animators asking the same question….

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