I could finally deliver the work this weekend.
Since I worked with client of overseas, all the data were sent by FTP.
File size was too big that there is continuation of difficulty.
Every time the connection of the Internet was cut out, I screamed!
FileZille was the free FTP software that I used for first time.
It is too good to be free! It has a resume function which allows to register
properly in spite of the interruption of bad connection of Internet.
There is nothing to do with Mozilla though.
It also correspond with SFTP protocol.

今回、海外とのお仕事で、全てFTPデータ納品。 ファイルサイズが大きくて、苦労の連続、ネットが切断される度に悲鳴を上げております。
FileZillaは初めて使ったフリーのFTPソフト。 フリーにしてはレジューム機能が付いた優れものです。 レジュームは、アップロードが中断しても、途中から書き込みができる機能です。

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