In this 1-2 weeks, I created a Cinema CM for Germany like JET ! Today Mr. P & Miss R came to check the work and we finished it up together. I realy think that is too cool. I want to see it on the big screen.
In this project, I got the title of the maestro from Mr P.
PS. I want to give GROK who made Good sound for us the title the maestro !
この1~2週間ぶっとばして作り上げた、ドイツ向けのCMが完成。 エージェントのP氏とRさんがいらして、念入りにまた盛り上がっての最終チェックとなりました。 我ながらコレはカッコイイ!。 是非とも大きいスクリーンで拝見したいものです。 タイトルはBIG BANG。
Pさんからはマエストロの称号をいただけた今回の仕事でした。 こういうよい結果を続けていきたいですね。この作品はこの10月 オンスクリーン

4 thoughts on “Call me Maestro マエストロと呼ばれて

  1. Dear Maestro
    This is a message from P. I wanted to thank you and Tomo again for some outstanding work. I know there was a huge time pressure and it wasn’t easy. But the result is truly mind-blowing. It’s amazing what you did out of this little script.
    Everybody within the agency loves it. It would be great if we find some other opportunities to work together. Me, writing a tiny script and you doing all the great work.
    Cheers, Peter
    PS: As soon as we have some client feedback we let you know.
    PPS: GROK Thanks to you aswell. The sound is awesome. I will check out your blog asap.

  2. I was glad to participate in this wonderful project.
    I felt a very creative sense from this project.
    Thank you for Hatai-san,Mr.Peter and good stuff.
    Best, GROK

  3. Hi all
    I’m very happy shared wonderful time with you.
    I think we need little time pressure for good idea & nice creation !
    Let’s gather one of these days !!!

  4. Deat Maestro
    I would like to see the great and wonderful work very very much!
    I’m sorry that is seen only in Germany.
    Don’t you make a plan to see it in Japan!?
    Germany is too far for me, but I’m get the feeling that wants to splash on there!!

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