Team France
They are french artists who participated in the event of Shan-gai. We enjoyed well in there. Now All returned in Paris. We are planning the post-party in Paris ! WoW
写真は、中国のイベントで、上海に集まった、フランスのアーティストたち。 遊び好きな彼らといろいろ楽しみました。 もう、みんなパリに戻ったらしく、今度は、パリで二次会をするそうな。 楽しみ。

2 thoughts on “二次会 Post-party

  1. I can see U was with Yacine et nadia on the photo (electronic shadow) hope you had a nice time in china
    hope to see U soon

  2. Hi iv
    It was nice trip in Shan-gai.
    The season of ‘Shan-gai Crab’.
    That is toooo juciy !
    Many skyscraper has been constrate.
    Shan-gai is excitement town.

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