No matter how I am late, my assistant advances her work. She designs for new shopping site, sat upright saying “Good morning!” with smile.I must say that we have a different race.
I got phone call from Ms. S “there is new project in Paris”, I prepared an estimation quickly but I found out that there is extra “0” on it. Total 500,000 Euros ! Isn’t it cheap ?!! that was an irrelevant estimation!!
Sさんから、「パリで新しい仕事があるの」と電話をもらった。さささ、とお見積もりを書いたのだが、ゼロがひとつ多かった。500.000 Euro(7千5百万円相当)のお買い得で(?!)見当違いなご返事をしてしまった。。。

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