G&M T-shirtsG&M T-shirts
DJ Total Carlos and his girlfriend visited here. It was nice meeting. We exchanged our T-shirts :) It is nice Pink !
He gave a latest(?) DJ technique lecture for me. I didn’t understand the first time…
He use classic 2 turntables and mixer. But he don’t use vinyl disc. He put signal(timecode) discs on the tables, and Signals contorol the digital music data in the raptop computer…
TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO is his choice. It is smart.
I am looking forward to mixing him at tomorrow night.
But I have many rest of rendering…G&M T-shirtsG&M T-shirts
DJ Total Carlosがガールフレンドを連れてやって来た。とてもよいミーティングでした。 とても可愛いピンクのTシャツを貰った。僕はPSSTのTシャツを交換した。
TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO というのを彼は使うそうです。なかなかスマートな方法ですね。

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