I designed some elements for blog and homepage but besides that nothing was really progressed.
This kind of day, I tend to sit all day long at desk and do nothing special. work, work….I have to work!!
This is a chicken formed chocolate that we see all over at Easter holiday. (That could be egg!)
「revival」, 「a birth of new life」 are the motif.

こういう日に限ってダラダラと机に座っているケース多し。 イケナイ、イケナイ。
これは、復活祭(パック)の時にたくさん見られる、鶏や卵の形のチョコレート。「復活」「新しい命の誕生」がモチーフだそうです。 Tちゃんのプレゼント~

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