プリンター Printerプリンター Printer
I was in very low spirits because of our printer was broken…
I was careful with CMYK inks. Because I was wearing new pink shirt for an interview at afternoon. I met a canditate for new assistant. I was looking for accounting or businesslike staff.
But She is doing research in literature, and loves ‘surrealism’… We talked about Edgar Allan Poe, Dali.
It’s really surrealism that a literary researcher must arrange the slip by Excel.

2 thoughts on “文学系事務員 Literature Office Worker

  1. takeoさん、写真がかっこ良くなってるけど、でも、やっぱシャツはピンクなんだ。

  2. jukijukiさん
    これ、Paul Smithなんですよ、でも、この日に赤ワインをこぼしてしまい、、、この日で最後になってしまいました。。。

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