お仕事させてもらっています、プロダクションのChased by Cowboysにもニューフェースが2人入ったそうで、今日はピヴォまで挨拶にやってきた。 日本語をはなせる男性と、リュック・ベッソン氏のところで映画を作っていたらしい女性でした。

5 thoughts on “新学期 The New Term

  1. Beer bottle was on the bus station.
    Today, D is here ! He is learning CG & Japanese languages !

  2. I like Japanese food, today I ate Sushi!! I love it!
    At this moment, I am in Pennsylvania state and today is a really sunny and hot day……….but I have a beautiful view, the grass, trees and flowers, is all green around our house, (in Canada the grass is all dry) and also I encountered, over the pond, a big meeting of ducks,about three hundred or more, big, small etc, it was such a incredible scenario, I said to myself, I must take pictures of this event!!
    Well, Takeo, enjoy Mr D presence at your place, he play guitar and I really miss listening his music. Learning Japanese?? interesting !!
    Have a nice day!!
    Susana V

  3. Hi Susana V !
    I do not have the current life in nature. It is mostly a city that I travel. I want see great CANADA !
    OK I will ask him plaing guitar !

  4. You can come some day to our home………
    it is different than Paris, more open and bigger places to go, we leave close to Niagara Falls and Toronto.
    Have a nice holidays!!

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