Bilan / Closing of accounts 決算


I have delivered 4 clips of promotion video without any problem today! When I delivered the work to overseas, I usually use the FTP for clients to download it.
This is such a convenient way of delivering however, the problem is that we can not have proof of delivery.
The company who deal with foreign country is the yummy target for the tax investigator. Scary isn’t it!?
When we deliver either the tape or the film, there is always some kind of proof, but the case of FTP, there is nothing… That gives me a headache!
The image above is the rate of operation for our server, this does not help?? Does anyone have an effective idea?

非常に便利この上ないのですが、、、 この4月の決算で問題になったのがこのケース。 「本当に納品した」という証明書が無いという事。外国との取引きが多い会社は、いつかチェックされるらしい(こわ~)。
テープやフィルムを郵送するケースは、何かしらの書類が残るんですがね~。 ちょっと頭を悩ます問題です。

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