At last week, I had work non-stop in 3days… The Windows screen became like photo. Windows put out many error messages that I never see. My Main computer was broken !
Befor the delivary day, I was working while installing software in 2nd-machine. (Now, I can laugh at it but at that time….. it was hell!)
Photo right are Headache cure, Febrifuge and stomach and intestines medicine that I was taking.
I was also broken!! This intestines medicine is put on the tongue, melted, and taken. It is delicious dish of sweetening !
先週3日間ノンストップで仕事をしたら、Microsoftの画面がこうなって、見たこともないエラーメッセージ゙がたくさんでてきた~。 ビデオカードも熱損傷~。 僕のメイン・マシンは壊れてしもうた。
写真右は、私の服用していた頭痛薬、解熱剤、整腸剤。。。 私も熱損傷。 整腸剤は、舌にのせて溶かしていただく、甘くて美味い!

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  1. Hi Manu
    Sorry I was Block in 1 month.
    Now I’m re-fresh and I re-started your film !
    Please wait a little :)
    Merci –

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