ピヴォの税務関係の書類が必要で、税務署などへ出向く。 全く対応がなってなくて立腹。 写真は税務署の禁煙の表示。 どこかの小学生のコンクールで採用されたんでしょうね~。 イエロー&オレンジのストライプは、「禁」というよりも、ニコチンでイカレた感じにとれますね。「禁」はやっぱり、イエロー&ブラックでしょ。象くんも気持ち良さそうだもんね。(takeo)

I needed the papers concerning taxes for Pivot, so I went to the tax office. Since there was no efficiency at all, I was kind of upset. The picture is showing the No-smoking sign of the tax office. It must come from some kind of primary school contest. The orange and yellow stripe may be interpreted to an exhilarating feeling due to nicotine instead of “forbidden”. The best colors for “forbidden” is black and yellow. This elephant does look feeling good.

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