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I’m tired out by 2 times by week of french class. But I heal for one good thing. It’s My teacher’s good pronunciation & beautiful writing. Especially her cursive writing is too cute. I admire to the blackboard and thinking how connect the letter & the letter..
And their is many impossible pronunciations… :) But I try it.
Photo “Call me Teacher!” & Skelton reponse “Yes”.

週2回のフランス語講座に少々バテぎみの私。 でもちょっといい事があって心が癒されています。
それは、担当の先生の発音が綺麗なことと、字がとても綺麗なこと。 得に筆記体が綺麗です。
あーこんな風に字と字が繋がると綺麗なのね~としばし黒板に見とれています。 フランス語は筆記体がよく似合います。 発音は不可能に近いこともありますが(笑)マネして練習しています。

2 thoughts on “筆記体 Cursive Writing

  1. Hi Takeo:
    Don’t give up on French class, at the begining is brain storm but after a while sttending those classes, you will be proud of you!!
    Have fun today!! I heard that you are celebrating my son birthday!! Thank you again!!!
    Lot of love to everyone!! specially to my son Mr D

  2. Sorry, correction on the above message….
    " Attending"
    Have fun!!

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