[:en]Daniel & his parents & pivot
Daniel was researching the family disease at the university. When he did visualisation of his research results, he used 3D computer graphics and fell in love to 3D… He stopped researching …studied 3D … and came Paris. And finally we met in pivot. He helped me a lot. We are good friend !
After 1 year of stay in Paris, He decided to back to Labo. And he found new post in Vancouver. Today He and his parents came to say hello & good bye.
In this 1 year, I have recommended him to stop to 3D and return to the laboratory. Because Your research has more value than our job.
But he think and said me ‘Takeo’s job and my research has same value…’ I gladly remember this word.
In short, I think the value is changeable to depending on our aimed directionality. The occupational category is not all.
For me, his future is the enjoyment.[:ja]Daniel & his parents & pivot

3 thoughts on “[:en]Value of occupation[:ja]職業の価値について[:]

  1. We are so happy to have the opportunity of meeting all of you.
    Thankyou for the message, I hope to see you soon, our home door are open for you.
    have a nice day!
    susana and family

  2. Hello Susana
    It was really great meeting with you.
    I wish to express my gratitude to meet D.
    It was very long 1 year… but I feel to also shot.
    I hope to see again !!!!!
    My best regards,

  3. Hi Takeo:
    I will post the pics in my Facebook as soon I have time.
    susana V

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