The Animation of the bear… We completed the semi final version.
I once again broke it up and started it over again.
The image is an effect called “Occlusion”, which reproduces a shade effect occurred in occlusive space.
It makes the image so real.
During the production of this film, I watched a film called “mon meiller ami”.
The story of an art dealer who does not have best friend. he bet to find one in 10 days……
I do not have one either but since I happened to have a time to discus about work with one of
my colleagues, I feel somehow refreshed.

画は、今ブーム(? ウソもう古いです)の、Occlusionという効果で、閉鎖空間でおこる陰影現象を再現したもの。 これがある事で、とてもリアルな感じになるようです。。。
この作品を作ってる時に“mon meiller ami”(親友)という映画を観ました。 親友のいない画商の主人公が、10日以内に親友を見つける”賭け”をするというお話。。。

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