Today is my holiday after a long time. It is very pleasant because of the fine autumn day. We went to the Antiques market of Paris suburbs. The images above are the things that I collect, which are not really antiques. They are Electronic bases that I bought for 1 euros from a women who has electronic engineer hasband. The way color has faded pleased me a lot.
Photo on the right is old catalog of PHILIPS that was design as ‘Passport’. The owner gave me the Eiffel tower me for free!

今日は久々の休日。 秋晴れで気持ちもよく、パリ郊外の蚤の市へ行く。 アンティークと言っても、僕の集めているのは、こんなもの。
旦那さんが電気屋さんという女性から、1枚1ユーロくらいで譲ってもらった古い基盤。 色が褪せていて素敵。
右はフィリップスの古いカタログ。 パスポートのイメージでデザインされている。 エッフェル塔は、欲しそうにしてたら、店のおやじさんがくれた。

13 thoughts on “Collections コレクション

  1. 基盤の古いのいいですねー。

  2. 忙しいtaniさん

  3. C’est tres interesant!! j’aime beaucoup l’antiquité et les Arts.

  4. Bonjour Susana V
    Vous parlez français ?! WoW
    J’aime bien comme "éléctronque parts" année 60-70s.

  5. Hola?? oui, je parle Francais, l’espagnol et l’anglais. j’aime beaucoup les langues.
    electronic parts?? 60-70!! wow……!!
    A tout aller Takeo.

  6. Kon-nichi-wa Susana V
    I envy like you who can skeak multi languages.
    For next, Let’s try Japanese with D !

  7. コテツさん

  8. こんにちはTakeo:

  9. Why all this????? for the Japanese language??
    is this because of the sign and not letters?

  10. Hi Susana V
    Thank you comment by Japanese.
    No problem for my computer, I can read all.
    Maybe you can download(instal) japanese code from Microsoft pages…. m a y b e ….
    Today I am with D !

  11. oh!! I should download a japanese code ……interesting.
    Mr D is working too hard and not time to prepare dinner or sleep ……..I hope next couple of days will be better for him.
    Canada is getting colder……..is winter coming?? nooooooooo

  12. Hi Susana V
    D is very busy… This week-end He will came my home. & My wife will made Japanese dishes for him.
    Paris also already Autumn…. Cooold.

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