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Which I didn’t go, but the TV showed the information of the motor show in Frankfurt.
I made a film of the concept car, MIXIM NISSAN, which is on the image above.
And in Paris, it starts from September 30th to October 15th.
You will find some fun at there!
There are some tricks like the car hides behind the big screen and appears again.
The real car and the car on the screen are cleverly linked.

の報道をしていました。 先月、この写真の日産のコンセプトカー’MIXIM’の展示映像を制作させていただきました。 そして、明日から10月15日まで、パリで、モーターショーが開催されます。 今回は大きなモニターの後ろに車が隠れたり、また出てきたりと、実車と、モニターの中の車がリンクしている仕掛けになっています。

7 thoughts on “Motor Show 2007

  1. Hi Takeo!
    You are in Denmark?? nice break!! enjoy it!!
    Takeo, is this the car that Mr D help you?? I like your journal, is fun to read it.
    Enjoy the stay in Denmark!!
    Susana V

  2. Takeo:
    I bike almost every day, in winter is one of thing I miss a lot, with snow and cold weather I can’t bike.
    Hope to meet you and your wife some day.
    Enjoy bikng in Denmark!!

  3. Hello Susana V
    Yes, It’s a video we created !
    Is there a motor show in Canada ???

  4. こちらはスバルのやつやったよ。

  5. hyoueさん

  6. Hi Takeo:
    I didn’t see the video yet, I would be very happy to see that video but I hope to see it soon.
    Canada is changing colors, tree are so colorfull and I miss my son D……….
    Have a nice day!

  7. Hello susana
    I will put this movie on the net !
    You can see it soon !!!
    My best regards,

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