I try to the lighting for white objects on the white background by Final Gather of Mental Ray.
We have many paramaters and solutions for makeing the color. But “white on white” is too hard…

After the fighting, I visit an exhibition of Ayako Sasakibara. 10 pieces by copperplate print and poeme by letterpress. The scent of ink is shut up in the frame and there are with silence. We can’t find easily this secret lovery alleyway although near Bastile… GPS also give up…
白い背景に白いオブジェクトというシーンのライティングに奮闘中ー。 今回はファイナルギャザーというテクニックを使っています。色を作るには、とてもたくさんのパラメーターがあり、いろいろな方法論があります。この白x白のシチュエーションは本当に骨が折れますー。


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