This ALESSI’s coffee maker was gave us for congratulate our marriage. He has been in my life scene between 15 years. He puffs out expresso steam every day. So He has got little bit burned.
But he is active service and wakes us by a good Lavazza scent every day.
When I had 16 years old, I head to Itarian design studio “ALESSI“. I can’t foget a shock when I see the very famous kettle that has bird on the spout. “Why a bird is here ?!”
I think it symbolizes an Itarian design spirit that love and humor incorporate into the life. And also It became the starting point of my design.
Now I’m designing my web site, I’m trying to find and catch a bird…

When I move to France, I put him in the suitcase and brought him. Because we need him at first day in Paris. On the screen from Xray. It looked like a true bomb. I had to open my big suitcase.



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