I went to see the performance of Rosas(Anne Teresa De Keersmaker) with Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich to Opera theater in Paris. It was wonderfull performance.
I can’t to comment for them Because I have cried :)

I imagined bee’s or migrant’s movement as mysterious phenomenon of the natural world. Or, inter-communications of the dolphin etc. And roop music is a tempo of the natural world. I thought that I was able to understand why he did not use computer programming. They need to natural swinging as 1/f noise that created by human and natural. I’m very happy to meet this phenomenon.
アンテレサ・ド・ケースマイケルさん(ローザス)のダンスMusic for 18 Musiciansのスティーブ ライヒ氏の公演を観にオペラ座に。もう泣いてしまったので、コメントはできませんw


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