production schedule
We have good start to new project from yesterday ! We have nice staffs, Thanks T and H.
Now i changing our more detailed production schedule. I had tried some software that can flexible modify For-example as Gantt Project. But i didn’t like the design of format, color, typo etc. So finally I use Adobe Illustrator for make it :) I can’t get a feel of highly motivation from bad design…
We need also beautiful and perfect organization, though.

昨日からの新しい仕事は、とても上手く滑り出した。 とてもよいスタッフに囲まれています。 ありがとう、T,H。
今、僕はスケジュールの詳細を調整中。 これまで、いくつかのスケジュールソフト、例えばGantt Projectのような、インタラクティブに修正のできるものを使ってきましたが、どうも、デザイン、文字組みなどが気に入らないので、最終的には、Illustratorで作ることになっています(笑)(いろんな人に攻められたけど) 変なデザインからやる気が出ないんです。

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Production Schedule きれいな制作スケジュール表

  1. Hello Anatoly !
    Thank you so much to your comment !
    It’s great surprise !!!
    How are you ? It’s looooooooooooooong time I have not see you !
    Do you remember me ? Wher are you now ?

  2. Takeo, absolutely! It’s been 9 years or so… Time flies by. Then we die. ;-)

    I’m based in Paris FR and in Geneva CH, depending on the projects (photography, design, journalism) and weather. Moving around a lot, especially in Europe these days, mostly by train and bike.

    Let’s meet again when I’m back in Paris!

    En attendant, you could take a look at my web site. It has most of the stuff I’ve been doing since 1994:

    The Merlin software is really good. The interface is pretty, the program is stable feature-rich. I could show you around it, if you like.

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