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  1. HELLO~~
    i am a student. i also study graphic design (in Hong Kong.)
    i hv read yr diary & yr portfolio. Yr design is so good, i am very appreciate!!!
    can i ask you some question about TVCM?
    In japan, which TVCM can pay yr attention??
    Can you ans me!T^T
    Because i am study a advertising(about tissue), i confused how to do it !
    can u help me!
    thank you so much!!^^

  2. Hello CATHY
    Thank you to your comment,
    Now I live in Paris.
    It’s long time I haven’t see Japanese TVCM.
    I think that It’s not too hot now.
    I love TVCM 80’s-90’s in Japan. It was Golden years.

  3. 左のかわいい、土人形。
    日本では、ゼータ ガンダムのでかいフィギュアのが大人達に人気にようです。

  4. juki fujitaさん

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