I found a “Contrat Poubelle Embauche” sticker at a Metro station.
“Poubelle” means “Trash can” in French.
A disposable worker during 2 years?
It is hard to breed employees to be a full-fledged, so if we throw them away every two years, what a waste!
After all, the employer as well as the employee is not a machine, as a human being, both of us have to improve the level of morality, I believe.
In the mean time, an employee at Pivot stays up all night, still continue working!
Is this a sign of high morality?

メトロで発見 Contrat Poubelle Embauche のステッカー。 Poubelle はゴミ箱ね。 2年で使い捨てという事? 人材育てるのも大変やし、2年で捨ててたら会社やってられへん。

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