In Sunday, Dorian & Daniel are working & fighting ! Dorian is try speaking English with Daniel who can’t speak French… Sometimes Dorian speak complete French with English accent… The Mood will be soften…
日曜日ですが、ドリアンとダニエル、両名とも出社してがんばっております。 仏語の喋れないダニエルに、がんばって英語で対応するドリアンですが、、、 よく聞くと英語アクセントですが内容がまるっきり仏語の時も多々あって笑えました。 なごむぅ~。 

5 thoughts on “d&d

  1. 笑えるう〜。なごむねー。

  2. Hahaha………my son fighting?? weird!!hahaha…..
    probably fighting with French language, how to express himself, I know by my own experience, first months and years communication is sooooooo difficult!
    Yes Takeo, I also understand very well how is it to be an immigrant, first few years, all the door are closed, but if you work hard you open doors all over.

  3. hello susana v
    Yes they are fighting of an international communicaton! I like feeling as melting pot.
    It is thanks to him.

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