The project that lasted a month and a half has finally finished!
The staffs who stayed up all night during two days for finishing it have disappeared like a storm.
They left without doing anything, no cleaning up their desk or nothing. And the continuity or the instruction note were abandoned.
Somehow, I feel moved by reviewing the continuity..

My way of writing a continuity is mimicry of OSHISHYO(my admirable teacher).
When I was a newcomer, the routine was to come to the office the earliest and to clean up the master’s desk.
(I can reveal it now!)
Another routine was to check the dustbin.
It was filled with treasures such as failed continuities or papers to which the idea of design were drawn.
I collected and analyzed them.
That is how I learned work.

When I went to his home to announce that I decided to move to France, he gave me a ongoing autograph continuity. It is always my important treasure.
Mine is quite valuable too, I guess! No?


もう一つの日課は、上司のゴミ箱をチェックする事でした。 そこには、コンテの失敗作、デザインの思考プロセスが記された、宝のような紙切れが埋まっていました。 それらをコレクションして、分析するのが私の勉強方法でしたね~。

フランス移住が決定した旨を伝えにご自宅へご挨拶に伺った際、上司から、進行中の直筆コンテをいただいた。 今でも大切に保管している宝物です。

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