Magic realism is an aesthetic style or genre of fiction in which magical elements blend with the real world.
I talked for a long time on the phone with M. We talked about a movie style, a theme of our creation, literature and modern art etc. He explained the charm of “masic realism” in the ratin-America literature.
He is looking for next his film style. So his head is confused :) He talked about different theme every minitue. I felt that the art of conversation of him who speaks about an actual project and the dreamlike his vison is “masic realism” surly. It was very happy talking over 1 hour on the international phone call.

彼は次に作るであろう、彼自身の作品のスタイルについて探している。そしておそらく頭の中は混乱中だ :) 約1分おきに違うテーマについて話す彼の話術、現実のプロジェクトの成り立ちや夢のような詩的なビジョンを交差する会話、それ自体がマジックリアリズムだった。とても幸せな1時間あまりの国際電話。

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