The border of Spain lies southwest from Paris at five hours by hi-speed train. Many young people come with surf-board to the beach faces the Atlantic ocean for the strong wave.

My family has a daughter two years old choose quiet inlet. We stayed at 3 days in Spain side (Saint Sébastien), after that we slide to costline to France side(Saint-Jean-de-Luz).

I enjoyed by the physical strength match with a powerful daughter in this travel. I and my wife were tired out, But she was nothing and got up early.

‘Minna’ mean All or Everyone. She was smiling all over and said ‘Minna !’… It is very rare that we three are… In many case I was absebce… Moreover, let’s hold out all to do a happy travel next year !

P.s. Thanks to my who planned great trip though it is low budget everytime.
I back to Paris. I feel very cold and turn on the heater :)

2才になる娘のいる僕たちは、入り江の静かな海岸で遊ぶ。スペイン(Saint Sébastien)に3日滞在し、そのまま海岸線をスライドするようにして、フランス(Saint-Jean-de-Luz) の町へ移動した。




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