らくがき Graffiti 1らくがき Graffiti 2らくがき Graffiti 3
I received a soundtrack for PSST!3 from Mr. Oguro. He always incorporate a deep philosophy for our film from my idea. This time, mixing of classical music as Ferdinand Beyer & Chicago avant-garde punk music.
Really, I was depressed because of music of Mozart which I chose for 1st editing wasn’t best. Now I’m motivate through this soundtrack. Thank you Mr.Oguro ! Merci beaucoup !

いつも僕のつたないアイデアにより深い哲学性を盛り込んで作曲をしてくださります。 今回はバイエル風クラシックとアバンギャルド・パンクの夢の狂演です。

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