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On Sunday, I got up late. and did walking alongside of a seine river….
I passed in the zoo park to watch to lesser panda.
I passed new bakery to buy something eat and found a cup of coffee. I got a breakfast and gave it also to baby sparrows.
I did some translation jobs in my desk. After it, I’m walking alongside of St. martin canal and visited an exhibition in Point Ephemere. I’m keening and reading “Kafka on the Shore” in the park. In dinner I ate soba… I spend a Sunday that seems to be Sunday . I refreshed my head.

そのまま、新しくできたパン屋まで足を延ばし、公園で朝食。 子供のスズメに餌をやる。
昼、家で翻訳の仕事を早めに片付けて、サンマルタン運河を散歩。 運河沿いのPoint Ephemereの展示を少し観て、公園で、海辺のカフカに熱中。 夜は蕎麦を食べる。 日曜日らしい日曜日を過す。 頭がリフレッシュされました。


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