I’m very happy to announce to the 7th anniversary of Takeology.
Takeology, How important-looking title ! It’s too much ?! I feel a philosphy for my creation !
Why I put caterpillar as icon ? Because I have many inferiority complex or worries… and I want to fly as butterfly sometime. and I made it in 2005.

So I show you my clumsy animation line-test of “A life Trip”, and It’s final version of it.

7年目の記念すべき誕生日、そう、このブログ 「Takeology」。

今日は、7周年の記念に、僕のつたない画で申し訳ないけど、その毛虫が主人公のA Life Tripのラインテストをお見せします。そして、完成版のA Life Tripも見て下さいー。

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