My friend D who worked in this studio in 3-4 years ago come back trip from Vancouver. I’m very happy. Moreover He brought his girlfriend :)
So I organised a pic-nic with familly, But Paris is very cold and rainning… T_T So we are doing pic-nic in th studio.
He show me his new pyton code “Cache Cloud thom”. It’s great, Bravo !!!
I bought classical toast sandwitch by CARETTE since 1927. If we eat it in the restaurant It’s 18Euros. But I take it out It’s 9Euros… I can’t understand french matematic.

彼がPhytonのプログラムで書いた自信作、“Cache Cloud thom”を見せてもらった。カメラデータから、各ポリゴン頂点をポイントキャッシュしているそうだが、とても格好いいです。

2 thoughts on “Where is summer… 夏はどこへ…

  1. とても素敵な絵と私は子供のものを愛して!
    スサーナVery nice pictures and I love the one with the children!!
    Thank you for sharing pictures!

  2. Thank you very much for your kindly message, Susana.

    We shared the time that had been very relaxed. We are very happy.
    Sola also was enjoying this meeting:)
    I reconfirmed his talent !

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